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Informatics Engineering

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(Licenciatura / Bachelor - Bolonha's 1st Cycle)

Informatics / Computer Science education at DI/FCUL can be considered to be one of the best of the country. This curriculum was certified by Ordem dos Engenheiros, the Portuguese Engineers guild, in 2007. Its Engineers are much requested by large companies in several key areas in Informatics, like security, computer networks, computer science and information systems.

The curriculum of the Licenciatura/Bachelor in Informatics Engineering follows the recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the most prestigious international scientific and professional association in Computer Science / Informatics.

The Licenciatura/Bachelor in Informatics Engineering has a length of 3 years. In conjunction with the Master in Informatics Engineering, it provides the title of Informatics Engineer, certified by the Ordem dos Engenheiros. The two curricula together are organized in a "3+2" structure, in conformance with Bolonha's process.



The University of Lisbon is one of the most important and oldest Portuguese universities. It is the only Portuguese university in a recent list of the 500 best universities of the world. It is the only Portuguese university with a Nobel Prize, Egas Moniz.

Its campus occupies a vast area in the center of Lisbon. In the campus there is a stadium, a swimming pool, several gymns, restaurants and university canteens, a hospital, residences for students, wide landscaped zones, and all of this side-by-side with one of the biggest green spots of Lisbon, the garden of Campo Grande.

With about 5.000 pupils, the Faculty of Sciences is one of oldest and most prestigious schools of sciences of the country.

7 reasons to choose Informatics Engineering

1. An Informatics Engineer is well paid.

2. Informatics Engineering is everywhere and connects all the world through the Internet.

3. The growth of Informatics is vertiginous.

4. There is virtually no unemployment in Informatics Engineering.

5. Informatics Engineering is a creative activity.

6. Informatics Engineerin is an inventive activity.

7. An Informatics Engineer can change of job easily.

What are the jobs?

Databases - The enormous amount of information that is created everyday has to be stored and processed. This is the task of the database manager.

Computer networks - Computer networks are the essential infrastructure that allows information to arrive to its destiny. Currently, the Internet connects the entire world.

Software development - Any company needs computer applications to do a varied of tasks automatically. Programming and managing programming teams is the role of Informatics Engineers.

Computer Security - Who can say that she never heard of computer viruses and hackers? One of the increasing concerns of companies is to guarantee that their systems are secure against cyber-attacks.

Systems administration - Wherever there are computers and people, there are problems that have to be solved. There has to be enginners that know the systems, that do maintenance, and that deal with the problems that appear.

Consulting - Companies are always looking into adapting their infrastructures and improving their performance. When they look for innovation in management, they look for other companies to find them better solutions, supported for computer systems.

Internet - With the appearance of the Internet in our lives, the form in which we interact with the market and even society changed radically. There is however a need for people that keep the Internet functional in a global scale.

Multimedia - Excellent video and sound quality are fundamental requirements for today's companies. These companies need not only good designers but also engineers that understand computer graphics and human-computer interaction.

Artificial intelligence - How to construct systems that are capable to take decisions in unexpected situations? How to interact with these systems speaking with them in a natural language, as Portuguese? These are some of issues dealt with by artificial intelligence.

Bioinformatics - Recent discoveries in the domains of Genetics and Biology have launched new challenges in the world of computer science with enormous impact in the life of the people and organizations, as hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Detailed Information on the Licenciatura//Bachelor

Specific course: Mathematics

Students to be accepted at 2008/2009: 90



Leaflet 2008/2009 (pdf) (in Portuguese)